Girls Clinic

Toronto, Ontario

We are very excited at Defense First to be offering registration for our NEW Girls Clinic 2018, we continue to broaden our scope of player development and after many requests for Girls training specifically, we are honoured to be adding this new program and head coaches to match.
Courtney Birchard - Canadian National Womens Hockey Team, and Megan Bozek - USA National and Olympic Womens Hockey Teams, who will be our Head Coaches for the girls program.  
We are extremely proud to have both these highly sucessful women hockey players added to our Defence First Team.

This 4 day clinic is our introduciton to our Girls Hockey Program.  It will cover all the same teaching and coaching techniques that Defence First offers, the fundamental skills and techniques required for on ice development in the areas of; power skating, puck control, game situations with a focus on our unique ability to teach the mental aspects of the game. Compressing our knowledge in short effective sessions to enhance proper individual technique and body mechanics for age specific players.     

Defense First is devoted to developing each player’s individual skills that will in turn lead to greater contributions to their team’s success, providing a positive environment for players to excel and develop their mental skills as well as their physical. The mental part of the game is often overlooked and never taught, by thinking the game you become more efficient and positionally sound on the ice.   

Limited session to only 16 skaters and 2 goalies we are able to maximize the learning process and leave each player with the ability to play both ends of the ice.  Developing specialty skillset, mental skill and hockey knowledge that are required to play at a higher level of hockey. We know our advanced approach to developing Complete Hockey Players throughout this program will give each player an added edge before training camp and tryouts, as well as continued success throughout their hockey careers.   "Don't just play the game, THINK the game"

Date:  July 3rd-6th, 2018   SOLD OUT

Location:  Scotiabank Pond, Buckingham Downsview, Toronto, Ontario
Head Instructors:  Courtney Birchard / Megan Bozek / Jay Sprague

On Ice Instruction:  8 hours

GROUP A   9:00am -11:00am    SOLD OUT

Ages: 11-13, Limited to 16 students + 2 Goalies
Cost:  $550.00 CDN + HST Tax  Goalie: Free
          **Includes a Defense First Jersey** 

  8:15 -  8:45am  — Check-in (Tuesday Only)
  9:00 - 10:00am — Defence First Skills
10:00 - 11:00am — Power Skating

GROUP B   11:30am -1:30pm    SOLD OUT

Ages:  14-17, Limited to 16 students + 2 Goalies
Cost:  $550.00 CDN + HST Tax  Goalie: Free
           **Includes a Defense First Jersey** 

 10:30 - 11:15am — Check-in (Tuesday Only)
 11:30 - 12:30pm — Skill Development
 12:30 - 1:30pm — Power Skating



Buckingham Downsview Rink
(Downsview Park)
57 Carl Hall Rd.
Toronto, Ontario M3K 2B6
(416) 398-1862