Face-off with Mike Weaver

What we will discuss on the virtual face-off with mike

We will dive into my path to the NHL and the pressures I faced along the way. How short & long term goals really help to focus on what was needed to accomplish my dreams. The difference between "Wanters" and "Doers", which one are you? How the game of hockey unites and teaches us valuable lessons? Lastly, we discuss appreciation.

I want to give back to the great game of hockey and help boost our kids who have had limited ice time this year!

Who: Teams, Groups and Individuals
Video Review, Mentorship: 1hr video sessions (incl. written summary of call)
Team & Groups: 45 min discussion with 15 mins of questions
Cost: $300

Canadian Clients

E-Transfer: Face-off@DefenceFirst.com

Other Clients


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