2020 Schedule Released on Jan 15, 2020

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Zone Specific Clinics 

Defence Hockey Camps Toronto, Ontario

Defence First is excited to once again offer our Zone Specific Development Training Clinic for AAA and AA level players. This program is 2 hours of on-ice instruction per week, and is available in 2 package options: separate monthly sessions,  8 hours over 4 weeks in the month of May or June separately, or full 8 week program 16 hours over 8 weeks for both months of May and June.

This Clinic will break down each of the on ice playing zones, i.e. Net Front, Offensive Zone, Defensive Zone, Neutral Zone. Each week will cover a specific zone where Players will be taught body positioning, breakouts, forechecking, back checking, and face-off positioning.

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We have a limited space with only 16 skaters each age group session.

Dates: Session #1 Monday May 6th - Wednesday May 29th   (Monday and Wednesday each week)

            Session #2 Monday June 3rd- Wednesday June 26th  (Monday and Wednesday each week)
Location: Scotiabank Pond, Buckingham Downsview, Toronto, Ontario
Levels: AAA & AA
  Mike Weaver & Jay Sprague
On Ice Instruction: 2 hours each week / 16 players per Age Group
Cost: $450 CDN + $59 HST each 4 week Month Session (May or June)

  OR   $650 CND + $85 HST for both sessions 8 weeks May/June combined

Times listed below for Monday and Wednesday each week both May and June:

Group A: 5:00 - 6:00pm - Ages 8-10 (Monday and Wednesday)   [June SOLD OUT] 

Group B: 6:00 - 7:00pm - Ages 11-13 (Monday and Wednesday) [ June SOLD OUT]

Group C: 7:00 - 8:00pm - Ages 14-17 (Monday and Wednesday) [June SOLD OUT]



Buckingham Downsview Rink
Downsview Park
57 Carl Hall Rd.
Toronto, Ontario M3K 2B6
(416) 398-1862