Zone Specific Clinics 

Toronto, Ontario

Defense First is excited to offer our reivesed/improved Zone Specific Development Training Clinic for AAA and AA level players. This program is 2 hours of on-ice instruction per week, 2 sessions each offers; 8 hours in total over 4 weeks in length.

This Program will break down each of the on ice playing zones, i.e. Net Front, Offensive Zone, Defensive Zone, Neutral Zone. Each week will cover a specific zone where Players will be taught body positioning, breakouts, forechecking, back checking, face-off positioning, Power Play, and Penalty Kill.

We have a limited space with only 16 skaters each age group session.

Dates: May/June, 2018 TBA
Location: Scotiabank Pond, Buckingham Downsview, Toronto, Ontario
Levels: AAA & AA
  Mike Weaver & Jay Sprague
On Ice Instruction: 2 hours each week / 16 players per Age Group
Cost: $450 CDN + $59 HST

Times listed below for Monday and Wednesday each week:

 Group A: 5:00 - 6:00pm - Ages 8-10 (Monday and Wednesday)

Group B: 6:00 - 7:00pm - Ages 11-13 (Monday and Wednesday)

Group C: 7:00 - 8:00pm - Ages 14-17 (Monday and Wednesday)



Buckingham Downsview Rink
Downsview Park
57 Carl Hall Rd.
Toronto, Ontario M3K 2B6
(416) 398-1862